Warrior Woman

November 16, 2018


So, to be blunt, there is another reason why I've made it through all of the challenges of motherhood that I keep talking about ... and this can be summed up in 5 simple words ...


The. Women. In. My. Life.


The strong, gracious, inwardly and outwardly beautiful freaking women that I honestly, could not imagine life without and THANK GOD for, every single day ...


And, while I am busy being honest, I must address the fact that, yes, there was a time when it felt like being a woman, being a girl, was a constant struggle. It felt like I was crawling the walls desperately trying to find some solid ground. The women around me were judging, grabbing and stealing, and, sadly, I was doing the same. Clawing for a space at the top. The pre-teen, teenage and then some years ... they were, well, brutal. Never was there a more accurately titled movie than "Mean Girls". I know that most of us ladies, we can relate. 


I think back to this time and ... I just can't. I plainly can't even compute. A most definite malfunction. I suppose that at the time it had something to do with survival. A way to make it through. However, what I can say with 100% absolute certainty now, at the ripe ol' age of 34, is that, now, the women in my life, they are no longer my detriment, they are now ... my survival. 


To the warrior woman who is up incredibly late every single night with her beautiful son because, well, when you have Autism, the hours in which you rest are not the same as everyone else, and your routine has to unfold in a certain way, or it may throw off every sense of calm in life that we all need to cling to, in order to survive. You choose to not have him go through this alone. You inspire me. When I thought I was tired, back in the newborn days, I truly ... really, had no idea. You prove what the word patience means. And you prove what it means to love your child to the deepest corner of every crevice of your heart.


To the warrior woman who loves to travel the earth and hasn't been able to because her beloved daughter was diagnosed with something that I am positive was impossible to type out in the text that you sent me on the day that you did. Leukaemia. I am a country away - but everything I knew about you from our lifetime spent together, back then, has proven 100% absolutely true in listening and watching from afar ... you are the most dedicated, positive, and inspiring mother. You show me that even when you feel that life has its heel on your chin, you can still point that chin to the sun and say, you know what? I am getting up and there is nothing you can do to stop me. 


To the warrior woman who went through hell and back on the day she found out that she was about to have her baby girl. You have been a stable force in my life since the day our little girls were born. Always checking in. I know that finding out that you couldn't have more than one was, and yes, this is an understatement, a tough day. Yet, you have handled it with so much goddamn grace. You are the shining example of why we should all be grateful for what we have, and why we should never, ever judge what someone else has or, sometimes more importantly, doesn't have. 


To the warrior woman who dropped absolutely everything to cross the country and be with her true (and when I say true, I am talking about truer than true) love. Even when it meant so many of the most important people in her life would walk the other way. You proved to me that love, it is love. Happiness prevails. End of story.


To the warrior women who are there whenever I need them. Who answer my calls or my texts late at night or early in the morning. Who walk long paths with me just to talk it out. Who check in. Who fill me up.


And finally to my warrior woman herself ... Sav ... you have taught me absolutely... everything. Have patience. Be kind. Explore this beautiful world. Stop at nothing. You, little Lady S, you are why life happens.


I needed to take a moment ... to do the opposite of what I did back when I was young ... I wanted to use my muscles, and lift up, as high as I possibly can, to the sun and to the stars, the women in my life, the ones that make life worth living.  


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