3,2,1 ... website launch day

November 4, 2016


Feeling both excited and terrified at the exact same time. The butterflies in my tummy are aggressive. The past months have been so very busy with creativity, learning, exploring and tackling every tiny detail, all while making sure I have not neglected the more important piece of my life these days - now 10 month old, little Sav. We have together sketched 20 small animals, 8 large custom charcoal animals, and a whole bunch more that ended up in the recycling bin after not meeting the approval of my OCD-ness ... ok, for the record, she didn't hold the pencil with me and help me draw, but she was right there rolling around, grabbing paper and carrying out her favourite task at this time - ripping each piece into about 100 tiny shreds. We framed 90 custom acrylic and wood frames, built a website and went on about 457 errand trips for more paper, more pens, hooks for hanging, sketchbooks, more paper (after the recycling bin incidents), chai tea lattes, and well, more paper.


This is just a small endeavour in the big picture, but in my little world, it feels huge. I am more sure that these aggressive butterflies are excitement rather than fear. I am going to hold on to that as I put this out into the world ... here goes ...

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